Coating Brickwork & Masonry through Drylining

Drylining is something we carry out all the time. Because brickwork or general masonry is often not an acceptable finish within the interior of a property, drylining covers such a background surface so that it is smooth and ready for decorating.

Our team are experienced in finishing walls and ceilings and will help you choose the best finish, be it wet plaster or drylining. We will assist when you are choosing so that your finish closely meets with all of the elements of your internal design project.

Whilst wet plastering gives a smooth and durable finish, it can take a long time to dry out, especially when applied directly to masonry or block work walls and ceilings and it sometimes causes cracking. However it provides a good seal around openings and is airtight. Plastering is a skilled process and we ensure our clients that our team is trained and qualified to apply plaster to achieve an excellent quality finish.

Drylining is the alternative option where plasterboard is first applied to the masonry (or background surface.) This leaves a small gap as we dab and dot the walls with adhesive before applying the plasterboard. We then skim over the boards, leaving a smooth finish. Drylining will avoid the chance of cracking because it doesn’t need the same amount of time to dry out.

We are experts in our field and, if you would like a free quotation, please call today to find out more.

Tradesman installing drywall